The Iwate Society of Nursing Science (ISNS) was established with the mission to offer the graduates of the Faculty of Nursing and Graduate School of Nursing of Iwate Prefectural University, and the nursing professionals in the region, an opportunity to conduct joint academic research. The Society also holds annual academic conferences, with the ninth one planned for 2016. They have become representative forums at which clinicians and nursing students as well as educators and researchers, both from within Iwate Prefecture and from further afield, gather to learn about the latest information and share results of their research work. These conferences have proved to be particularly useful to the clinicians in Iwate Prefecture through providing them with an invaluable opportunity to share their research results and practical knowledge gained from clinical practice. Moreover, the Journal of Iwate Society of Nursing Science, which is published several times a year, in addition to academic papers by students and graduates, also posts practical research reports from clinical practitioners.

Though a great amount of valuable knowledge is gained in actual clinical settings through the application in practice of nursing science, it is too often used only by a limited number of nursing professionals, without ever being sufficiently shared with others. We believe that sharing and accumulating valuable knowledge obtained from interaction with patients through presentations at the conferences and, furthermore, publications in the Journal will stimulate further practical and academic research as well as help find clues to solve various problems.

We also believe that having clinicians and researchers jointly prepare academic papers will make it possible to duly notice phenomena that otherwise would be overlooked in usual clinical practice and will possibly even lead to new unexpected discoveries. With the rapid advancement of medical technologies, the role of nursing is becoming more important than ever before. To substantiate the efficacy of nursing, it is crucial to convert accumulated practical knowledge into scientific knowledge through proper science-based analysis and evaluation. For this purpose, we consider that, similarly to other academic fields, it is necessary to employ diverse research approaches from various disciplines and aggregate research results obtained through keen insights.

It is also necessary to establish innovative research methodologies based on new ideas going beyond conventional concepts and bolster evidence-based research. Going forward, it is important to further strengthen cooperation between clinicians and researchers and enhance joint research efforts.

We hope that, by presenting practice and evidence-based research results at academic conferences and aggregating them in the Society Journal, our regional academic society will contribute to the further development of nursing science.

April 2016

Chair, Iwate Society of Nursing Science
Yuko Fukushima


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