Journal of Iwate Society of Nursing Science Submission Checklist

Note: Check the box of each item that applies. Include information on the blank lines that corresponds to the requested information. Additionally, if there are any items which are not checked, please attach a separate document explaining why each item is not checked.


Title of the Article_________________________

Date Checked____________________

All of the items below have been checked

1.  The contents of the manuscript have not been published or submitted to another publication.

2.  The first author except for residing outside Japan is a member of the Society.

3.  The desired category of article is confirmed.

4.  The number of pages is within the amount stipulated in the submission rules. _______ pages.

5.  Ethical considerations contained within the research have been described.
The research has been reviewed by an ethical committee of the institution. Name(s) of the ethical committee of the institution. _____    ____

6.  The manuscript was created using Microsoft Word, and the format conforms to the submission guidelines.

­a.  Each figure and table has a sequential number.
b.  All of the figures are JPEG, GIF, or PNG files, or have been          created using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.
c.  All of the figures and tables are 7.5cm or 16.5cm in size.
d.  All of the characters within the figures and tables use MS Gothic font at 8 sized fonts.
e.  All of the figures are labeled e.g. “Fig 1. Title”. Labels are positioned directly below and centered.
f.  All of the tables are labeled e.g. “Table 1. Title”. Labels are positioned directly above the table to the left.

7.  The citations of literature within the body of the article follow the writing guidelines.

8.  The listing of reference literature of the article follows the writing guidelines.

a.  Up to three Co-authors’ names are listed.
b.  The works cited must be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the document

9.  Abstracts in English should be around 250 words in length. The English abstract is _______ words in length.

10.  The abstract should describe the Purpose, Method, Results and Conclusion.

11.  The English title, English keywords, and English abstract have all been checked by a native speaker.

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